Where We Began

A number of people had written to Unity School of Christianity asking for a teacher in Sheboygan and in response LuVerna Bauer, then a licensed minister of the Milwaukee Unity Ministry, gave a lecture at the Foeste Hotel (where the Fountain Park Restaurant now stands) to a small group of people. This lecture was given Sunday evening, November 5th, 1950. Because the response was good, a study class was started on Monday evening November 20th, 1950 in the parlor of the Foeste Hotel.

Some students desired an afternoon class, due to their inability to attend evenings so an afternoon class was added January 8th, 1951. Later, due to an increase in rent at the Foeste Hotel, it was decided to find another meeting place. Both classes were then moved to Concordia Hall at 9th and St. Clair Avenue.

During the Lenten season of 1952, a Sunday service was given for the first time and was well attended. Because the hall was unavailable on Sundays after Lent, the students rented Castle Hall at South 9th and Spring Avenue. Classes were then held on Tuesdays and devotional services on Sundays. A Sunday School for children was also provided. In October of 1954, the group became an incorporated entity leading to the Unity Church we know today.

On April 1st, 1964, two lots were purchased on North 8th and Bell Avenue, and ground breaking for a new church was held on September 27th, 1965. The first services in the new facility at 2409 North 8th Street were held on Palm Sunday, April 3rd, 1966.

Through the years, we have had many changes in ministers and members but we continue to grow our spirituality and community.  In the summer of 2018, the name was changed to Unity Spiritual Center.

Reverend Aubree-Lynn
Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader

Rev. Aubree-Lynn is beginning her fifth year as the Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader of Unity Spiritual Center of Sheboygan. Celebrating her twenty-third year of ministry, Aubree-Lynn is an ordained Minister, a student of New Thought philosophies, gifted speaker, and teacher. She can motivate and inspire her congregation to have the willingness to go deeper and find the beauty of who and what they are.

She was ordained a Unity minister on June 13th at Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, Missouri.

 Aubree- Lynn’s experience brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and love to Unity Spiritual Center