Unity Spiritual Center's Team

Reverend Aubree-Lynn Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader

Rev. Aubree-Lynn is embarking on her sixth year as the Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader of Unity Spiritual Center of Sheboygan, marking an impressive milestone in her twenty-year ministry journey. She is a highly esteemed and ordained Minister, dedicated to studying New Thought philosophies and recognized for her exceptional speaking and teaching abilities.

With a remarkable gift for motivation and inspiration, Aubree-Lynn has the unique ability to encourage her congregation to delve deeper within themselves, discovering the inherent beauty of their being and potential. Her passion for spiritual growth and transformation shines through her teachings, leaving a lasting impact on those she guides.

As a valued member of both Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity Worldwide Ministries, Aubree-Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and love to Unity Spiritual Center. Her experience enriches the community, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and understanding, which resonates with all who attend her services.

Under her leadership, Unity Spiritual Center of Sheboygan continues to thrive, with the promise of a future filled with spiritual growth and enlightenment for its members.

Her Vision

To create a safe place where people can come together to realize their unlimited potential within themselves. In doing so, each one becomes a center of authenticity, creativity, forgiveness and love and goes forth to live in abundance in all areas of their life.

Her Mission

To provide a welcome, safe, “Circle of Love”.  Where all individuals care and support each other while at the same time experience uplifting, life supporting, spiritual growth for themselves, family, friends, community and the world at large.

Her Leadership Style

“Leaders Eat Last,” but lead by example. I believe that God is at the top, in the center, in and around and through all beings. The Minister, Board, Staff and Prayer Partners, the congregants, the volunteers, are all equal… no one is at the top, except The Creator.  From there we all move in and through expressing uniquely as the One.

Julia (Jules) Knaak Administrative Assistant

My journey started at a very young age. I grew up in the Lutheran faith and attended their school until 8th grade. Throughout my life, I found myself constantly asking questions that they were not always receptive to. Despite this, I remained curious and open-minded, leading me to explore various denominations and churches.

It wasn't until Patty introduced me to her church, Unity, that I finally discovered what I had been searching for and deeply needed. The experience was transformative, and I felt a sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment that had eluded me before.

After moving from West Bend, I enrolled in Lakeshore Technical College, where I successfully earned an Associate Degree in Administrative Assistance. My journey took a significant turn when I married Patty, and we now continue our spiritual exploration and growth together here at Unity Spiritual Center, with excitement and anticipation for the journey that lies ahead.