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Living Untethered
Working With the Heart


As we come to the end of this 4 week series (it sure did go fast); I chose to jump to the last chapters of this book.
Everyone wants to improve their life experiences. I believe we are  always looking for more joy, love, inspiration, and meaning.
How do we do this? Just listen to your heart. A thing that I have discovered in my 23 years of ministry is people do not ask for 
what they want so they get disappointed.
You wanted happiness, joy, and a sense of well-being. How about instead, a constant state of love, beauty, and inspiration at the highest level ever imagined. Why did you not ask for that? Here is a new list of things to ask for:
I will feel more love and joy. I will like everyday to feel complete. I will soar into the best me I can be.

This is where we will end our series, learning to work with and listen to our heart.
 From my Heart with love and so much more.