Sunday Services

Sunday Service begins at 10:30am and the livestream begins at approximately 10:45am featuring the meditation and message.

February 18, 2024

When I think of the life of Jesus and his final remaining days, I think of Him being in a chrysalis, struggling with his identity, finding the 12 disciples, saving the lepers, and the sinners, trying to teach the disciples to have faith.

Then knowing His calling, knowing his path, His Fate. Jesus had to take the time needed to know who He was before he could break out, to be free to say "I am".  The last supper to me is the beginning of shedding the old and preparing for His final chapter.

"I have passed from death unto life because I found God within."

And God in all, God in the atom and God in the cosmos.

I have passed from death unto life; because I know that God is good …
And God is all. "

JOIN us as we move into the Lenten Season as we let go of yesterdays, heal and grow into our capacity of self-love.
Blessing and so much love.