In-person Service & Livestream/Video

Join us for in-person service which begins at 10:00am with the livestream beginning approximately 10:15am.  All are welcome. Here it feels like home.

Living Untethered

Week Three--Understanding Emotions

 Examining the nature of the world around us, as well the nature of the mind, teaches us a lot about ourselves.
One thing becomes pretty clear: it's not always easy living in there. We have thoughts, some great, some crazy, 
but always on going. Then the outside world can be a fire storm if we let it. 

On top of that, there is something else we experience inside that can even be more disturbing than thoughts: OUR EMOTIONS
This week we will learn how to separate thoughts from our emotions. Understanding this is very important. 
Thoughts are generated in the mind which is associated with the brain. Emotions are generated from our heart, 
that's why you would say love comes from the heart.

Join us this week as we continue on our journey of Living Untethered.

Don't forget, we now begin our Sunday celebration at 10 am 

Until we meet again, enjoy the beauty of spring as She blossoms right in front of us
Love and joy to all,


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